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What Makes Next GenSites So Different?

It's next to impossible to move your business forward if your website is the one thing holding you back.


Through years of trial and error and after designing thousands of websites…

  • We know the formula to help your visitors to take action.
  • We can help you increase leads.
  • Convert more sales.
  • Boost your authority.
  • Position you as an expert.
  • And importantly…
  • We craft your website to tell your story.
  • Because honestly, your story deserves to be told.

We craft your website so that your visitors become the hero of the story and we position you as their guide.

Our designs help you to make more impact.

Amplify your influence.

Transform the lives of more people because your
website finally conveys your incredible offer and
true value.

And finally…

We help you to be damn proud to show
off your website.

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Our mission at Next GenSites is to guide you through the digital jungle.

There’s so much BS out there in the online marketing world.

There are a million designers to choose from.

There’s another million who might have ripped you off or
burnt you in the past.

Not anymore.

Your website is your online home.

A safe place.

Something you deserve to be proud of…

And actually makes you moolah.

Let us help you build the best home you can.


You can get started right now. All you have to do is request a consultation with us and we will discuss everything we need to take your website to the next level!

When You Order a New Website Design,

here’s what we deliver…

A site designed by our world-class- design team dedicated to you and trusted by many high profile influencers and brands.

A completely unique & custom professional website design with brand personality that’s aligned with your vision. We do not use templates.

A site designed to raise your profile and attract your ideal customers.

A site designed using psychological persuasive drivers to influence your visitors to take action.

A site designed with a layout & hierarchy that is clear & easy to understand.

A site designed with ’Unlimited Design Revisions’ until approved for coding. (As long as the revisions are in-line with the original brief.)

A site designed to suit responsive coding for any platform, including WordPress, ClickFunnels, Wix, etc.

Once you approve the designs, we package the final design files with instructions for the developer of your choice (Yours or Ours), ready to start coding.

You also get the ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ on all the designs that we create for you.

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Is your website working hard for you?

Download the checklist to discover 30 things
to boost your website’s conversions…

We create stunning websites that get results because we have a powerful 3 step process:

We dive deep into the brief to work out what’s working and what isn’t working on your website.

We start by sending you our design questionnaire where we need your input. Then we have a discovery call to dive deeper into your answers so that we understand fully what’s required to design a stunning, effective and unique custom website design that’s tailored to your business to get you the best results possible.

A well crafted website design that encourages your visitors to take action comprised of these key ingredients:

  • A design that focuses on building trust and reflects
    the needs of your audience.

  • A look and feel that represents your brand
    and appeals to your target market.

  • A design to showcase your content and offers and is
    designed with the right hierarchy for conversions.

Our world-class talented design team begin the research and design phase process.

A well designed website will connect your visitor with the information they are seeking solves their problem. This doesn’t mean using the same standard layout every time, but thinking through your visitor’s objectives and their needs.

A website must appeal to your visitors & should be unique to your business so it’s memorable. We achieve this by:

  • Designing with a color palette, images and brand
    graphic elements that appeal to your target market.

  • Designing to enhance your message to make it easy to
    consume with the right flow to entice your visitors to
    keep reading.

  • Designed to convert visitors into leads & sales by using
    psychological drivers to position you as the trusted
    authority in your niche.

We give you unlimited design revisions until you approve for coding.

It’s our goal to give you a design that you will absolutely love and will be proud to show off and market.

We have a passionate design team and design managers to ensure that your website design will meet your high standards.

If for what ever reason you are not happy with the design we create for you, we will happily jump on a call with you and do what ever it takes, including switching to another designer until you are happy with the design.

Once approved the designs, we will:

  • We package the final editable design files with instructions for the developers of your choice (yours or ours) to start coding your website.

  • We automatically sign the Intellectual Property Rights of the designs we create for you over to you.

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